Welcome to Events by Akushla

A Wedding & Event Planner that strives for perfection with an eye for detail and a flair for creativity. We bring in new design concepts not only for weddings but also for corporate events, anniversaries and birthday parties and many more. . 

An unforgettable event is not one big thing, it is a million little things. We believe in the little things because they add soul, uniqueness and gives meaning to your special day. From the perfect location to the detailed place setting, from the grandest vision to the tiniest quirk, EVENTS BY AKUSHLA aspire to create an event that celebrates you,  your future, giving life to memories that you can grow old with. 

We are capable of handling everything in much less time than you will by yourself. Our personal research and our cooperation with the best suppliers guarantees a variety of both excellent and affordable choices. We offer a wide selection of our own services such as stationery designing, in house styling and decor team which save you money and create the most appealing atmosphere! AKUSHLA and her professional wedding and event planner team have worked hand-in-hand, from concept and design to roll out and execution with over 200+ clients to give life to events that are beautiful, soulful and unique. 

We are willing and and ever ready to organize your event attending to every necessary detail with extra care! We know every step of the way in order to organize an unforgettable event and so we put great emphasis and commitment on all the things that will make your day extra special.

Reach out to us and see how we can work together to bring life to your event!


13, 1st lane, Angulana Station Road, Colombo, Sri Lanka

+94 71 470 6036