Modern weddings have taken a twist from day-old traditional weddings. This change has occurred due to various factors between inter-cultural marriages and the union of those cultures into weddings. But one of the biggest changes has been as a result of technology and all the information that we now have easy access to. Present-day weddings are events that can be viewed by the entire world. Even if you’re not there physically you could still be there virtually. This is why using technology at your wedding is the most cutting-edge trend you can keep up with. Given below are some of the ideas you could use for your wedding:

1)  Create your own hashtag

The best way to use technology to personalize your wedding day is by creating a personal hashtag which you and all your guests can use when posting pictures on Instagram, Twitter or even Facebook! It could be either the mash-up of your names or even a made-up name you and your partner came up with. If that doesn’t sit with you, you could always use an online hashtag generator. Doing this will ensure all angles from your wedding are taken including all your guests and you can always check the pictures out after your wedding.

2)  Design a custom filter or lens

Snapchat is one social media app that’s unlike any other mainly because of all its fun filters! It makes it super interesting with geolocation filters which are unique frames for different locations! What most people don’t know is that you can customize your own geolocation with your own bitmojis for different events or places! If you decide to get a geolocation done for your wedding, all your guests on Snapchat can use the filter to let everyone know they were at your wedding! There is a small charge for this option but it’s absolutely worth it! If you’re not so talented in the ‘tech’ area you could always hire a techy to make it for you!

3)  Invite people over social media

You could create an event or a private group on Facebook and invite all your guests to the wedding, sharing the exact date, time and location. You can share the location with a google map link which will allow your guests to see the exact address of your wedding, which saves them and you the trouble of them asking for directions. You could also send out E-invites over WhatsApp allowing your guests to confirm their participation immediately and with no hassle. Wedding planners in Sri Lanka often recommend you use this approach only with the younger generation as Sri Lankan aunties and uncles like a more formal and traditional invitation.

4)  Livestream your wedding

Event planning companies in Sri Lanka consider this one of the best options for a cost-effective event, you can have a small gathering and livestream it for all your friends through Facebook. It’s a great option if you’re planning on having a destination wedding and not all your loved ones can be there. Using a live stream is a great way to let all those who couldn’t make it feel like they’re a part of the wedding. Once we did a wedding in Kandy and most of the family members were in Canada and couldn’t make it so we did a live video and they absolutely loved it!

5)  Create a Pinterest board

Pinterest is one app where wedding planners in Sri Lanka get super inspired for weddings! It has many fun, creative and exciting ideas that can create your entire wedding decorations! You can create a group board on the app which allows a selected few to view your ideas from save- the date cards to hairstyles to food decoration! You can invite your friends to take a vote on which idea they prefer the most! It’s the best for indecisive couples to make their decisions on!

These are the top five ways you can make your wedding super exciting and interesting with social media! Of course, this is only for couples that want to incorporate social media into their weddings. If you’re more of an old soul you could always have a complete no social media policy! Whichever works best with you and your SO is what you should do!

Written by Ayindhie Alles