An unforgettable wedding is not one big thing, it is a million little things. We at EVENTS BY AKUSHLA believe in the little things because they add soul, uniqueness and gives meaning to your special day. From the perfect location to the detailed place setting, from the grandest vision to the tiniest quirk, EVENTS BY AKUSHLA aspire to create an event that celebrates you,  your future, giving life to memories that you can grow old with.

Over the last 5 years, AKUSHLA and her team of professional wedding and event planners have worked hand-in-hand, from concept and design to roll out and execution with over 200+ clients to give life to events that are beautiful, soulful and unique. Over the years of experience, Events by Akushla has carved its place as one of the professional wedding & event planners in the event industry in Sri Lanka. 

We partner with you to co-create personal celebrations that reflect your unique style and taste. May it be a wedding, birthday party, private gathering or even corporate events, we have handled them all in various capacities.

Akushla Andrew

In 2015, Akushla Andrew the founder of Events by Akushla was approached by a dear friend who needed help with planning her wedding.. It didn’t take so long for those around Akushla to identify her talent and skill fir wedding planning. Akushla continued with her corporate job while handling wedding & event planning on the side. In 2017 she took the big step ahead to forego her corporate job and start her own business. Since then she has been dedicated and committed to her work throughout the years and has now transformed her business to one of the top wedding planning companies in the country which produces many events such as weddings, anniversaries, corporate events such as award ceremonies, conferences, kids parties, birthday parties and many more.

With a flair for out-of-the-box innovative ideas and her attention to detail, Akushla and her team will keep you at the brink of your seat with anticipation for our events. Our family of professional wedding & event planners are, always on the lookout for the ever-changing trends in the event management industry and never fail to offer our clients the exquisite events that we have promised. Let us help you plan your event, may it be small, big, extravagant or even simply put the plain impossible! We can do it all!

Our team believes that with a common vision, we can turn your dreams into a reality. Each of our talented team members is dedicated to understand our clients’ individual needs and work towards achieving your dream event. Planning a social or corporate event can be very stressful if you have to be both the host and the planner. The key to a successful event is to have someone there to handle all of the production aspects so that you can enjoy your party without any worries. We’re able to plan any type of event, whether it’s an anniversary, birthday, reunion, holiday celebration or just an old-fashioned party! Every event has the stress of execution but with us, you’ve just got to hand us the reigns and sit back and enjoy your event. What we’ve truly understood is that our ideas are inspired by our customers and our team of designers always comes up with original concepts that challenge ourselves to always achieve the best outcome. We respect and individually understand our clients, as no two people are the same and that means no two events will be the same!

We’ve managed to cover various events and see diversity among all of them. Each client teaches us something new and our biggest lesson so far has been that authenticity is priceless and has to be regarded when it comes to any event. Yes, we offer event planning, styling and decorations, but what we truly offer is the commitment, dedication and hours of planning side by side with you to make sure that even your smallest detail is flawless. Our main objective is to ensure that you enjoy your event to the fullest and can stay relaxed and stress-free to enjoy the significant moments. We take all your burdens off your shoulders, look after your event from start to finish and look into the smallest details of managing your budget, people and time. Let’s throw a party as distinctive as you are.. !!


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