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Organizing an event is not an easy task, but with the appropriate skills and preparation, anyone can turn any event into a memorable one. From budget planning to venue sourcing; from coordination of people to promotion of the event, right up to the day of execution, event planners stay organized from day one and strive hard to create the perfect event. With plenty of tasks on hand, it’s best to try and do them as efficiently as possible and in order to accomplish that it’s highly recommended to be updated with the best practices, latest trends, and updates, etc.

There are a lot of high-quality content blogs on the internet that are keeping event planners updated on the most recent developments in the industry with useful tips to help them produce unforgettable events. 

5 Big Nightmares of Being a Wedding Planner in Colombo

5 Big Nightmares of Being a Wedding Planner in Colombo

We all have our fair share of nightmares but that is nothing compared to what a wedding planner in Colombo has to go through on a daily basis! We’ve listed down the top 5 moments that have almost thrown us off the wagon and how we coped with the situation. #1 When the heavens open up…