We took some time to speak with brides-to-be who had to postpone their weddings in Sri Lanka due to the prevailing uncertainty of pandemic and lockdown situation. Postponement can bring a lot of disappointments and insecurities. On a brighter note they mentioned the extra time has helped them reflect on what really matters. This is what some of them had to say.

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Will the budget increase?

The biggest insecurity for the brides-to be is whether the budget will increase. Given that the economy is unstable, businesses are closed or operating at minimum levels it certainly affects the budget that has been agreed upon 2-3 months or as far as a year ago. It is likely that the venues and vendors will increase their service charges.

One bride said that she is yet to pick up the wedding rings and jewellery, although it was paid in full. Agreements have been signed for non-refundable deposits and it certainly bothers the brides-to-be. It is a valid concern. In the meantime we suggest writing or speaking to vendors.

Will I have to scale down?

 Some brides said that they are thinking of scaling down the event. That they would have a small reception for immediate family now, and later have a reception for friends. Although they wouldn’t like to do it, some of the invitees need to be cut down due to budget restrictions and also travel restrictions that might be imposed (other countries). It’s a sad ordeal, but some people may not make it to the invitee list!

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Will I have to change my theme?

You may think should this be a worry -given that there are bigger problems? But it still bugs you, right? Tying the knot is an important event- if not the most important for a bride-to-be. Those who had planned beach weddings in April/May/June cannot do same in October/November/December due to unpredictable rain and stronger winds. Weddings in Sri Lanka have a better hand than the foreign weddings since we do not classify as summer brides and winter brides. Read more on destination weddings in Sri Lanka.

Will my overseas guest be able to travel?

We can never predict whether other countries will extend travel bans. Those loved ones who were planning to come down just might not be able to join. Question remains, if they had to already cancel their tickets, unless rescheduled, can they afford to?

Will I be able to be fit into my wedding gown?

The truth is that lockdown has really got us trapped at homes. Most brides-to-be who were on diet plans and regular workouts have taken a step back. True, you need time to first vent and then refocus. It’s important to work-out and stay fit, for the sake of your sanity and health and your dream wedding dress!

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What will happen to my migration plans?

A bride we spoke to expressed concern over her migration plans being affected. She was supposed to apply visa for migration in May. In the meantime we suggest writing to the embassy and seeing whether you can continue on paper work. Let’s also hope she gets an extension.

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Other Concerns

In general, all were concerned about their bride’s maids. Will they fit into the already sewn dresses and saree jackets. Similar concerns were expressed over the little maids and page boys not forgetting the groom and groom’s men. A bride-to-be said some of her bride’s maids were supposed to fly down from Kenya and US, and she had already given up hope they would get to come (Since they were free during summer vacation).On a more traditional note, some expressed their concern over the auspicious times and the date selection. Will the process of auspicious time selection, further delay their wedding plans?

We understand that the situation is not in your favour. But let’s stay strong and get over this- Rains don’t last forever, and there’s always a rainbow to hop on after the rain!

Judy Peter