A wedding is not only a celebration of love but also provides a way for all the important people in your life to gather in one place to enjoy and celebrate the union of marriage. With this beautiful concept also comes the pressure of having the most memorable wedding that will have a lasting impression on yourself and your guests. Every couple that prepares for their wedding rush to wedding planners in Sri Lanka to come up with the newest trends for their ceremonies and receptions. While some couples go overboard others manage to pull it off. The line between this is hard to differentiate but we’ve managed to pull together a list that will help you out.

#1 Barrettes and combs

Whether you choose to have a glamorous up-do or a chic and simple hairstyle, barrettes and combs are something we see all over social media, while the veil is still in trend it has been upgraded with barrettes and combs. Pin a few locks to the side with a set of pretty jeweled barrettes. You could also add a small sparkle to your blowout with a gem stone piece, or go the traditional way with a modest white coated barrette that won’t outdo the rest of your wedding-day outfit.

#2 Self–service bars

Wedding bars are super important because it makes sure that guests have the chance to fill up their drinks, mingle with each other and raise a glass for the toast. In between all the cocktail, wine and mimosa bars,weddings nowadays have self – service bars where guests can serve their own beverages – alcoholic or non – alcoholic which gives your guests the freedom to pour what they like and reduce the time of waiting for them to be served which will get the party flowing smoothly.

#3 Mixologist

Mixology is a now considered a form of pure talent because it mixes drinks based on a particular person and the best mixologist don’t force their opinions on you. Instead brings you an experience that you feel closely to your heart in the form of a drink. That is why in terms of wedding experience a professional mixologist will leave a lasting impact on your guests. This is one of the latest wedding trends you could try out.

#4 Wedding Registries

It is now a different situation when it comes to wedding gifts as the younger generations have now moved away from the traditional homeware gifts and instead prefer contributions for their own experiences. Some couples make bank accounts to collect funds to donate to charities while other couples set up funds to go on honeymoons and make their first few days of marriage a fun experience. It’s always better to inform your guests beforehand to what kind of gifts you expect and how they can contribute.

#5 Wedding Menus

In the last few seasons it has been all about the variety of dishes and desserts that can impress the guests but since recently the menus have gotten more personalized and gives the guests a chance to know the couple better. The menu could be related to your hometown, favorite city, preferred cuisine and other related factors. This is the best way to keep your wedding all about you and your loved one. One thing to be watchful on this wedding trend is your guests’ allergies. Make sure to name your food.


#6 Sustainable weddings

While the modern world revolves around being eco-friendly and earth conscious, it seems that even weddings have now picked up the fever. From using reused décor to giving out plants for favors it seems that couples have taken the decision to start off their marriage while reducing their carbon footprint and encouraging their guests to do the same as well. It’s one of the best wedding trends to pick up and one that many people will admire.





Written by Ayindhie Alles