Charmed by the thought of having a garden wedding? Just pick the garden, patio, or outdoor venue of your liking, and we will help you with the details.  In our previous article Action Plan for Brides during Covid Times | Time for Plan B, we recommended garden weddings as an alternative option to indoor weddings. So, let us look at the finer points of planning a garden wedding.


Measure your space and figure out how many people you can fit in according to new guidelines. Include all your vendors in your main list of people.

Catering space – Arrange for facilities they need such as a serving station and sink.

Home improvement – Check lighting, plumbing, painting, and fix everything before the big day.

If the venue you have selected is private, ensure your surroundings are free of bugs and bees. Since your location will be scenic even without décor, you will not have to overwhelm the space with extra floral arrangements. Another great way to turn your indoor space into a garden venue is to install a living wall involving a web of vines, greenery, and florals.

What should I order?

Marquees and Flooring

  • Having a marquee can make the space look elegant and create convenience in utilizing the space better. First things first, make sure to measure the space. Decide on the space that you would need for the ceremony. Allocate space for the caterer. Based on that information, decide on the dimensions of your marquee – width, height, and length. Once you get the measurements, do a scale drawing of the whole set up.
  • Allocate time in and time out for each vendor – Consider manpower and how much time they need to set up. Plan to fix the marquee the day before. To be on the safe side give each vendor a different time.
  • Consider the wind factor – your marquee should be strong enough to withstand the wind, while the base should be strong. This is especially critical if you are using a beachfront.
  • Decide if you would need flooring if it is a rainy season, consider getting a floor done for the marquee. This would be very important in the case of guests who wear heels.
  • The space, the measurements of the marquee and the flooring should be considered and communicated well if they are done by two different vendors.
  • The fitting of the marquee might change due to strong heat. It may be wise to check the equipment well before the ceremony begins to avoid any accidents.
  • If you are not having a floor, make sure the grass is cut properly and the ground is kept smooth.


Lights can add glamour to a garden wedding, especially if the function is in the evening or nighttime.

  • Always have a generator – consider how many KB’s you need and where to store your generator. Make sure it is kept out of the guests’ view and is not noisy.
  • Be mindful of where the power outlets, plugs and sockets are. Find out how the wiring is done – the wires should be covered. Consider having an electrician present throughout the function.


  • If you plan to have the wedding at home, get a sound permission letter from the local police.
  • It is important to keep your neighbors informed – provide them a phone number to contact a family member in case of any concerns, so that the function will not be interrupted while neighbors are not inconvenienced as well.

Other Equipment

  • Use fans or coolers.
  • Sanitizers – Have them available to the guests during this time of Covid crisis.
  • Washrooms – Keep them clean and odorless.

Table Plan and Place Cards

  • The layout and table plans are also crucial. Document how to allocate the attendees into different tables. Decide the layout of your table plan, keeping in mind the dimensions of the marquee.  You can use mini potted plants act as place cards (with the name of guest on the pot). They will also be great garden-inspired favors.

Furniture and Décor options

You can have a customized bar counter with high stools or use a mix of divans and sofas or even use palette sofas to create a more rustic look. While most garden events feel laid-back and casual, you can absolutely make yours feel refined and elegant.

To elevate this botanical celebration, you can consider a hanging floral garland or fairy lights. For the ultimate glamorous touch, you can use a chandelier at the outdoor reception. Transform your garden event into a floral paradise by lining your aisle with baskets full of florals.

The garden vibe should not stop once your wedding is over, so consider sending guests home with their very own seed packets filled with wildflower seeds or potted succulents. These pouches of seeds or plants can encourage attendees to “let love grow.”

By : Judy Peter