An outdoor wedding in Sri Lanka is one recommended by all travel blogs, influencers and wedding planners in Sri Lanka as the island is full of magnificent beaches, beautiful greenery, and lovely sites. When having an outdoor wedding there’s more you have to think about and consider as Sri Lanka has unpredictable weather and exotic animals! Listed below are a couple of things that will make sure you have the outdoor wedding of your dreams!

 1.  The Location

 When you want to pick a location think of what it means to you and if you really enjoy the location you want to have your wedding in. If you don’t like salty breeze and sinking sand we recommend you don’t have a beach wedding! Look through all possible locations before you commit to one and think of if the location and your wedding theme go hand in hand! The lush beach sides in Sri Lanka are amazing and are very romantic! But even if you choose to have a simple garden wedding at the back of your house it can look amazing and be cost-effective! The weather in Sri Lanka is quite unpredictable so just in case it’s best to keep a back- up location so you could be stress-free if it rains, thunders or even hails!

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2. The Guests

 Always think of your guests! At the end of the day you’ve invited them to witness one of the best days of your life and if they’re hot and frustrated it will ruin your day. Make sure to have your wedding at a suitable time in consideration to the weather. If you have it at 2 in the afternoon under the scorching sun it’s not practical and you’ll have barbequed humans instead of your friends and family! It is recommended by Wedding planners in Sri Lanka to have your reception at sundown just before dark as the temperature cools down and it becomes more relaxing! Consider serving juice or a few cool drinks just after the ceremony so your guests can stay hydrated until the reception.

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3.  The photographer

 Your wedding photographs are ultimately the only tangible memory you have of your wedding day and if you’re going to spend a huge amount to get the perfect picture you might as well discuss the different times with your wedding photographer. There are many talented Wedding Photographers in Sri Lanka who are capable of captivating your entire love story in an album but make sure to inform them ahead of time of your wedding day schedule. With the sun shifting the lighting of the pictures vary and some photographers prefer the 4 pm sun than the 6 pm one. After discussing with your photographer you can set the perfect time to take your outdoor wedding photographs with flawless lighting.

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4.  The Wedding Decorations

 Wedding decorators in Sri Lanka are very precise and artistic, they can change the entire feel of your wedding by just a few additions here and there. It’s best if you first go through wedding magazines and blogs to see what you like and then discuss with your decorator. If you’re having a garden wedding try not to overdo the decoration and use the natural look as an underline theme for your wedding. You could also add fairy lights or lamps to light up your wedding. If you’re considering a beach wedding we recommend you go for the bohemian look! You could always add your own unique details to your decorations as well.

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5.  The small details that fall through the cracks

 When having an outdoor wedding there’s a big possibility of mosquitos and other bugs bothering your guests. To make sure that doesn’t happen wedding planners in Sri Lanka recommend that you choose flowers that act as mosquito-repellent or even add citronella candles as a part of your decoration. Another important point to remember is to make sure that you acquire the necessary permits for sounds and the venue as Sri Lankan authorities are tough and we recommend you do this as soon as you confirm your venue and band. It’s also important to make sure the food is not served to early as that can attract flies and even maybe melt some of the sweet food.

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Written by Ayindhie Alles