As a newly engaged couple, you and your partner may want to consider all aspects of planning a wedding with minimum stress and extreme fun that will create memories that last a lifetime. It’s no surprise that couples go through a lot of stress when planning their day, after all, it is the most significant event of their lives. You would have seen that most couples choose to hire wedding planners either on their wedding day to coordinate the event or throughout the planning process to help them step by step. If you’re wondering why you might need a wedding planner and how to get the best one here is a list of things we actually do:


1)  We will Establish a planning timeline and a realistic budget

We work with the bride and groom from the beginning to the end of their wedding by setting up timelines to plan, design and execute all the relevant details. Event planners in Sri Lanka generally assist the couple in making all their big decisions such as giving our opinion on what kind of attire they should wear, to the ceremony and reception venues, our recommendations, and experience with the industry professionals, the type of music to be played and the kind of food that will be served. For an example you might want to invite everyone you know to your church reception but only your very close family and friends for the hotel reception. In that case you should serve refreshments at the church reception as well, that level of detail is what a wedding planner will dive into.


2)  We are your Point of Contact

We act as a point of contact or the main coordinator between all the vendors that you’ve chosen to assist you on your wedding day. Which means that we will coordinate with your bridal designer, make-up artist, photographer, food vendor, florist and anyone else you’ve hired. We could represent the couple in the vendor meetings, discuss finances, go back and forth on designs and convey the couple’s ideas to the vendors. This is the least stressful way to do your wedding preparations!


3)  We are fully equipped

As we all know, things may not go as smooth as we expect them to be sometimes. However, in-case a vendor gets late or cancels on the day we will have a backup plan. For an example, if the cake vendor is unable to make it due to a serious matter, or even if the cake is ruined, we will make sure you have “A cake” with the best possible options around.

What else could go wrong? A wardrobe malfunction…yes, we’ve been there, done that and fixed that! One may need a tissue, one may need a plaster, one may need a tweezer, a pair of scissors, pins, pen, paper, glue, nail polish, remover, cotton balls, tape, you name it, trust me, we have it!

Not only on the wedding day, even during the wedding preparations, but you’ll also see the level of details we go in to. How many cards should be printed, how many people will consume alcohol, how many guests in total, and other details about the menu, about vendors, vendor meeting dates and even minor details such as how the cutlery should be placed, how the napkin should be folded and so on will be conveyed to you through our customized wedding documents for each client 


4)  We will manage wedding finances

One thing most couples do once they get excited about their wedding is that they go over-budget and don’t always end up happy with what they’ve purchased. As wedding planners in Sri Lanka, we know the industry and the different vendors that work in it so we can suggest a package that is budget-friendly and that meets your needs as well. You can entrust your finances to us and we will have transparent coordination with you and your partner about the wedding ‘bills’! Since we take care of paying each vendor, it’s a lot more hassle-free for you and you can truly enjoy the planning process while giving us the dreaded work of budgeting.


5)  We ensure an Ultimate guest experience

We can agree that when it comes to a wedding it’s a little difficult to handle all the guests and sometimes gets stressful. This is actually where a wedding planner can help you deal with any unpleasant tense situations. Wedding planners in Sri Lanka quite often offer the service of ushering the invitees to their seats so they don’t have trouble finding their places. Thereafter we watch them from a distance, once guests start arriving, we signal the band to play welcoming music while also informing the caterers to serve appetizers and when it starts getting crowded, we start serving alcohol. This process of reading the room and coordinating with vendors goes on until the grand exit of the couple and all the guests have left. It’s a talent that we wedding planners have really learned with experience and the relationship we build with all vendors.


The truth about this whole situation is that you and your significant other can do everything alone but wedding planners are like the cream in a cake that holds everything together. Without a planner your day would be stressful and hectic for you and nobody deserves to feel anything but butterflies on their wedding day! We can help you plan the day you’ve dreamt of your whole life! So take that leap of faith with us! 




 Written by Ayindhie Alles